Background: In a modern manufacturing industry, effective maintenance is something essential for improving company business
in terms of both quality and profitability. Studies carried out at Chalmers University of Technology show that companies lose about
40-50% of its capacity due to various disturbances in production. It means that there is a lot of money to be made through using proper and
more efficient maintenance to generate savings by reducing losses and utilizing company´s capacity effectively.

E-maintenance Sweden AB: It is a research-based Swedish company that developing industrial solutions, such as Smart eMDSS (eMaintenance Decision Support System)
for more efficient maintenance. It is Linnaeus University spin-off system developing company. The founder of the company is Professor Basim Al-Najjar.
Professor Basim Al-Najjar developed a new maintenance program as an opening for a new paradigm in maintenance practicing. Smart eMDSS is a digitalized CBM with
intelligence and fully automated, which does not demand well-trained personnel or special knowledge and experience. In addition, implementing Smart eMDSS does not
demands more than couple of working hours monthly.
It can be integrated with existing vibration measuring and maintenance systems to maintain machine reliability, reduce the risk of breakdowns, unplanned and unnecessary stoppages.

All these can be achieved through detecting and localizing damages in machines at an early stage, estimating damage severity, predicting the damage development in the near future and recommending what to do.

The program has developed based on new and unique theories in condition-based maintenance that take into account more parameters than traditionally.
Using Smart eMDSS enables the end user selecting the most cost-effective maintenance actions, and times, when there are several actions to be conducted.

Smart eMDSS is completely independent of which maintenance or business systems you use and it can be implemented on all rotating machines.


1986-1996 -Development of new tools for better utilization of condition-based maintenance (CBM).

1996-2001 -Development of a new maintenance concept; Total Quality Maintenance (TQMain) and technology for estimation of maintenance contribution to business profitability.

2005-2009 -Participation in the EU project - FP6-DYNAMITE (Dynamic Decisions in Maintenance).

2006 -Development of new strategies to improve maintenance cost effectiveness.

2007-2008 -Development of new algorithms for calculating maintenance savings and profit at more accurate maintenance decisions,
to simulate maintenance investment and choose the most cost-effective investment.

2008-2009 -FIAT and Goratu had successfully tested eMDSS within DYNAMITE project.

2010 - E-maintenance Sweden AB is created, and E-maintenance Sweden AB winner of Venture Cup South Best Business Concept.

2011 -Basim Al-Najjar got inventor award.

2012 -Al-Najjar and Smart eMDSS nominated for the SKAPA Prize by Network Expansive Växjö.

2013 - Al-Najjar awarded as the best entrepreneur.