Of course, we also offer services that enable you to optimize your business yourself.

Measuring service:

We offer measuring service, diagnosis and prediction of machine condition. A complete report surveying the condition of all the machines monitored within 24 hours
from the measurement occasion can be assured.


We offer several different consulting services to optimize your maintenance, among other things.

• Pilot studies that show the potential for improvement in your production with respect to more efficient maintenance.

• Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE.)

• Dynamic and cost-effective maintenance decisions.

As well as customer customized consultancy in, for example how to improve availability, maintainability, reduce production and maintenance costs.


E-maintenance provides training in maintenance technology, condition-based maintenance (CBM), CM technology, vibration spectral analysis and diagnosis,
effective maintenance, maintenance planning, and much more training courses.

On our training, you will gain knowledge and experience for new thinking ways. Knowledge that can directly be translated into more efficient maintenance of
production machines and better control of their availability.
We also train in basic measurement technology, instrument knowledge and of course, we have different user-specific courses.

   All our courses are held in smaller groups to maximize experience exchange with all participants. Application of theories and best practices are often discussed and analyzed
with respect to the participant industrial problems that they face in the daily operation. With reality as a base, all courses contain case studies from E-maintenance extensive
consulting activities, and the theoretical knowledge is combined with real examples of industrial problems, analysis and solutions.

Measuring instrument

Which measuring equipment you use does not matter. Our training focuses on symptoms, diagnosis, vibration spectrum analysis and underlying knowledge of how the problems
arise and how you can avoid them. We encourage the participants that they have the opportunity to bring their own instruments to our training course, regardless of supplier and manufacturer.


E-maintenance develops customized courses where course contents, timetables and laboratory work are discussed in consultation with the customer. Customized training can be held
at E-maintenance AB in Växjö or at the customer site, then the laboratory work will be in the customer own machine park. Contact us for more info.