Project Summary
The major goal of the pre-study is to identify and prepare the required information, challenges and needs that Indian and Swedish industry
(within pharmaceutical and biotechnology, and networking and telecommunications, knowledge) have, and tools, modules, and technologies that are
demanded for a project to develop a tool for integrating production-maintenance-and- economy within Smart Manufacturing.

The project is initiated in the spirit of the collaboration between Sweden and India and funded by Vinnova and the industrial partners.

The project aims to develop a conceptual model describing a smart sustainable integrated production-maintenance (Smart-Pro) system for manufacturing
and JIT production, for effective production planning, scheduling, follow up and decision making.

For supporting Smart-Pro system, the conceptual model will also describe a Plug-and-Play solution for automatic detection-localizing of damages, severity
estimation, predicting damage development, recommending what, where and when to act cost-effectively to maintain production process continuity and quality.

The consortium consists of; three Universities from the Swedish academia (Linnaeus university, Uppsala University and Stockholm University) and from
Swedish industry (E-maintenance Sweden AB), and a couple of Swedish companies Astra Zeneca and Ericsson within pharmaceutical and
biotechnology, and networking and telecommunications, respectively, with their Indians factories.

Read more in the following reports. Report WP2 Report WP3

For more information, please contact Basim Al-najjar

Contact information

Professor Dr Basim Al-Najjar
Project Co-ordinator
Mobile: +46 707653051


Mikael Jönsson (Software Developer)
E-maintenance Sweden AB
Framtidsvägen 12 (Visiting address)
351 96 VÄXJÖ, Sweden
Mobile: +46 (0)76-310 4571


Program Manager 5G for India
Group Function Technology Ericsson Research
Ericsson Building 7A - 3rd Floor,
DLF Cyber City, Sector 25
122002,Gurgaon, Haryana

Microwaves in Medical Engineering Group, Solid State Electronics Division, Department of Electrical Engineering, Uppsala University Contributors:

Assoc. Prof. Robin Augustine.

Mr. Arvind Selvan Chezhian

Prof. Dr. Adam Slabon
Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (C556)
Stockholm University
Svante Arrhenius väg 16c
10691 Stockholm, Sweden